An egress window is a window that provides a safe escape route from your basement in case of an emergency. They’re an essential and required feature for your home. Egress windows increase the value of your home and create a safer environment for everyone under your roof. Due to the required size of the windows, they bring in more natural lighting and provide more ventilation throughout. Here’s a list of reasons you should install egress windows to your home.

Did you know that 4,000 Americans die each year in fires, and over 20,000 are injured? Many of these accidents could be avoided with proper escape routes. An egress window in each bedroom, as well as in other areas of your basements, increases your chances of safe escape and emergency assistance.
Added Value
Adding egress windows in your basement is essential to increasing the value of your home. Adding egress windows are crucial to bringing basements and the rooms in them up to code. When everything is up to code, it will be included in the overall square footage of the home.  
Added Comfort
Adding an egress window to a basement will dramatically brighten up a dark and dingy space. These windows also offer natural ventilation to the stuffiest basement allowing those below to enjoy some fresh air!

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